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Sing a song, 

I wanna love you tonight

Be the sea

I wanna drown in your might


Lay it all

On the wind


When you fly

Never land


When you fall

You can fall in my arms

When you speak

You can do me no harm


Caus know, I don't wanna see you struggle

And know, I don't wanna see you bend


But how many feathers can I bleed

Will you wear them like a coat when I leave

Will there ever be that open soar

Or are there clouds upon your form evermore


But if you rise

May you rise with your light


And when you sing

Let them know it's your right 


Cause know, it's not the people that we run from

Oh no, it's how we're reflected in their eyes


It may not be the better road

but fuck your fear and fight the nevermore

With feathers lost you let em know

In your frosted winter coat that bobby wore

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