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Take a little time for me

So I can tell the world

I’m listening


Sometimes I think too much

Sometimes I crawl down a well

and hide

Sometimes down there,

I even know myself


Take a little time for you

Cause we’ve all got some more work to do


Sometimes you speak too much

Sometimes you crawl down a well and hide

Sometimes down there,

you even know yourself


Take a little walk in time

So you can see the world up close again

As a child,

when each path was new

When rainfall cleared the streets to dance in

And wells brimmed over so flowers bloomed


And I wonder

Will you take all my life


If I falter

Will you hold me

To the morning


Would the waters

Do me well


A sinking captain

Who never lives to tell

What he’s mourning


Maybe it's the boats set sail

Or the stale air

Captain's come to learn

The world doesn’t really care, who he is


Should I leave behind

Such an ocean

And go to somewhere that I can truly stay


Cause if I fall again, I'll fall for good

Each wave a song of eternal coulds


Then I’ll fall below, the seafloor as it swells

And lie, in the grace, in the great beyond


But I'll wonder, for a moment

Before I jump into the well of sparkling blue


Is there more, to a moment

Than the heart that beats inside of you

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